Looking back at August

Hi! Taked about a month after writing the last post… This August was a hard month for me, a month working as a CCU (coronary care unit) staff. I was craving sweets on weekends to get away from my work!
Here are some pictures of cafe and sweets.


This cake was home-made and was full of apples and sweet potatoes. Loved so much!


Have you been to Segafredo ZANETTI? This is one of my most favourite coffee shop, and my recommendation is Metso Metso.


Many chocolates as late-night snacks:)

The last picture is different from above-pictures. I show you my make-up items on August. Heavy use was made of these vivid eye shadow palette and blush on the last month! I have never taken personal color analysis, but it seems to me that cold colors fit me more than warm ones.


Thank you for reading. I give you a notice of the next post! I will tell you about my summer vacation trip. To where? Please check out my next post!!!!!!!!!!

Bye.      Tammy


Fancy Night

Hi, everyone. Sorry for the delay in writing new post! I have told you about driving school, and I was studying to get a provisional licence in order to start practicing driving on public roads. I took the exam the last Sunday… and I PASSED!!!!!!!!! Passing through a sigmoid curve was one of my worries, but I succeeded to do without turning the wheels!:)

There was another good news on the last weekend. Ted have gotten a job offer from one of the telecommunication companies!!!!!!!!!!! After employee training for a few months, he will start working in the finance department.

Celebration pictures below. We went to a Scotch whiskey bar.


This whisky went well with Ganache.:)


Cocktail; Jack Rose
Made with Applejack, apple brandy, and freshly squeezed lime juice. Served straight up!

And my outfit of the day… maxi dress! Actually I am still not mom. haha

wpid-wp-1438954757861.jpeg Bye!   Tammy

Good Purchase

Hi! I have many pictures to show today!
I had a three-day weekend and went bargain shopping at a department store.  I got two shoes, which were great buy.:)

flat shoes

Gold flat shoes made of leather. In Japan, silver shoes are in vogue this year, but I chose the gold ones because this color fitted me well.


Denim Fabric Snickers. They have ribbon-like shoelaces and a little feminine design. I will enjoy wearing them with one-piece dress!

Do you remember my ex-post about peach frappechino? I surely remembered to go Starbucks shop.

wpid-wp-1437232380246.jpegDoesn’t it seem so delicious? If you live in Japan, you should try it as soon as possible! Oh, I found another food picture.


Vegetable Hamburger at MOS Burger. This restaurant, originated in Japan, is the second largest fast-food franchise in Japan after McDonald’s. I strongly say that MOS Burger’s hamburgers are more delicious and healthy than those of McDonald’s. There are many kinds of unique hamburgers, Rice Burger, Shrimp Cake Burger, and etc, so I will introduce them someday.

Last picture is OOTD. Silver sandals with pink line.

wpid-wp-1437661249687.jpegBye.  Tammy