Went to British-style Pub

Hi, I just passed full weekend. How are you doing this weekend?

On Saturday, I had night shift work. I keep working for 24 hours breaking for a little bit, and went to driving school Sunday’s afternoon. I did not drive today, only taking classroom lectures.

wpid-wp-1436100382768.jpegAfter that in order to relax and to take my mind off my work, Ted and I took a date at a pub and enjoyed the British-style nightlife. This pub is retail chain and we can watch the sport games on large-screen TVs at any shop. Actually, the final match of FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015 will be broadcast from tomorrow 8 am (in Japan) and there will be an event at the pub.


The photos are Frozen mango and banana daiquiri and Shepherd’s pie-like plate!

Thanks for reading.

Bye.     Tammy

A start!

Hi, I am Tammy! In this spring, I graduated from a medical faculty of the university and just started my life as a doctor.

hakamaThe reason I decided to start this blog is to get motivated to work in foreign countries in the near future. I had a chance to join the clinical clerkship for a month in Belgium during my 5th year of the medical student. Doctors and other medical staffs were very kind to me, and they dealt with me as equals, which means I was not just a visitor but one of the medical staffs. Also, I love the beautiful streets and the atmosphere of Europe towns. I hope to go back there as a plastic surgeon some days!

I have no plan what to write in this blog, but I want to make here very relaxing and a little entertaining place. Each post will not be always about studying but about everyday life, Japanese culture, or girls talk.:) Ted is my boyfriend of 6 years and studies accounting at graduate school. He will begin to work as a white-collar worker from next April.

Thank you for reading.
English is not my mother tongue and if you find my big mistake, please let me know.
Hopefully this blog will last a little longer!
Bye Tammy