Good Purchase

Hi! I have many pictures to show today!
I had a three-day weekend and went bargain shopping at a department store.  I got two shoes, which were great buy.:)

flat shoes

Gold flat shoes made of leather. In Japan, silver shoes are in vogue this year, but I chose the gold ones because this color fitted me well.


Denim Fabric Snickers. They have ribbon-like shoelaces and a little feminine design. I will enjoy wearing them with one-piece dress!

Do you remember my ex-post about peach frappechino? I surely remembered to go Starbucks shop.

wpid-wp-1437232380246.jpegDoesn’t it seem so delicious? If you live in Japan, you should try it as soon as possible! Oh, I found another food picture.


Vegetable Hamburger at MOS Burger. This restaurant, originated in Japan, is the second largest fast-food franchise in Japan after McDonald’s. I strongly say that MOS Burger’s hamburgers are more delicious and healthy than those of McDonald’s. There are many kinds of unique hamburgers, Rice Burger, Shrimp Cake Burger, and etc, so I will introduce them someday.

Last picture is OOTD. Silver sandals with pink line.

wpid-wp-1437661249687.jpegBye.  Tammy


Clinical Medicine Textbooks in the UK

Hello everyone! The original purpose of this blog is to stay motivated to work as a doctor in Europe. So today I will talk about my study. (日本語も最後にちょっと載せました。)

What is most important to study medicine in foreign languages? Collecting the information, I think. What I did first is knowing the textbooks the UK students and professionals often use to study up on. Below is the list of clinical medicine textbooks (not handbooks!) used in the UK.

– Kumar and Clark’s Clinical Medicine
– Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine
– Andreoli and Carpenter’s Cecil Essentials of Medicine
– Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine

Reading many UK customer reviews on the Internet and browsing them in bookstores, I chose the second one, Davidson’s. The first edition appeared in 1952 and now the 22th edition is now published. Very long history!


Saying from the conclusion, that was a good buy. I will write the book review.


Davidson’s is a comprehensive, easy and enjoyable to read, and up-to-date textbook. The text composes of concise paragraphs and relevant colorful boxes and figures. I enjoy reading it due to the beautifully illustrated text. It covers all important knowledge of clinical practice.
We can find sample pages at Elsevier homepage.

wpid-wp-1437139777422.jpeg  wpid-wp-1437139784645.jpeg

The text is divided into two sections:

– Short ‘Principles’ Section
The section highlights the fundamentals of medicine which we should learn before practicing.

– Main ‘Practice’ Section
Each chapter covers a particular body system or medical field. The content is:
* Clinical examination of the relevant system
* Summary of relevant anatomy and physiology
* Features and indication of investigations used to diagnose relevant system diseases
* Symptoms seen in relevant system diseases and differential diagnoses
* Clinical management of the common diseases of that system
This layout follows the actual way of thinking and approaching when examining new patients and is very helpful.

Therefore I recommend Davidson’s as a must-have reference material even for people like me, non-English speakers. We can download an app and put a unique code written in the book, then we can access an e-book anywhere!

If you have any recommended textbooks or studying materials, please let me know!
Bye, Tammy




– Kumar and Clark’s Clinical Medicine
– Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine
– Andreoli and Carpenter’s Cecil Essentials of Medicine
– Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine


Priciples section と Practice section に分かれていて、前半は全ての分野にまたがった医学的基本事項の説明となっています。Practice section は各科別(臓器別)に(1)身体診察の手順、(2)臓器の解剖学・生理学、(3)見られうる症状とその鑑別疾患、(4) common disease に対するアプローチ方法が載っています。



The Mood for Blue

Hello! Today post is about fashion!
What does “Japanese fashion” remind you of? I have heard Lolita & Harajuku styles fashion is now well-known. Also, I sometimes read the OOTD posts, in which foreigners love wearing Yukata or Kimono as daily clothes.:)

However, some people may be interested in Japanese everyday outfits (on NORMAL days). I will occasionally show you my commuting clothes!
My wear type is usually casual and edgy. I love low-cut neckline clothes, pencil skirt, and skinny pants. As for the shoes, most of my shoes are high-heeled or pointed-toe ones.

blue-greenSo, let’s move to today’s outfit! I felt embarrassed to show my face… and used an animal sticker.:P
I was in the mood for blue today, because the temperature of this week went up to 32 degree.

– Black satin fabric top
– Aqua pants with  side pockets



IMG_20150715_172424– Black heeled sandals
I wore this pants rolling up to ankles.







– Blue square form bag
– Blue towel
Blue, blue, blue… :)
Do you like my fashion? Too simple?





Thank you for reading!    Tammy